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Matthias Proost

Matthias Proost

PhD student, PhD students


CURRENT (AND PREVIOUS) FUNCTION: Matthias Proost is a PhD student at the Human Physiology & Sports Physiotherapy Research Group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In 2019 he graduated as Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physical Therapy option Sports Physiotherapy. During his studies, he also obtained his Honours College Certificate which gave him the opportunity to start his PhD.

RESEARCH AREA: Matthias’ research focuses on the interaction between fatigue and exercise. More specifically in the topic of fatigue, Matthias is interested in the effect and development of mental fatigue within physical performances. After completing his master thesis on the influence of mental fatigue on lower extremity functional performance tests, the focus now lies on the emergence of mental fatigue. Hereby he’s interested in the mechanisms in the onset of mental fatigue in the brain, with a focus on the neurophysiological side of the story.

CURRENT RESEARCH QUESTIONS: Matthias’ current research mainly focusses on the neurophysiological link between mental and physical fatigue. More in particular: which neurophysiological pathway(s) are responsible for the emergence of mental fatigue? When this question is answered, he will then focus on influencing these mechanisms (through nutritional interventions) in order to influence and/or overcome mental fatigue and its consequences.

PRACTICAL APPLICABILITY: Mental fatigue does not only influence sports performances but also plays a role within work accidents and car accidents. Hereby will these insights not only support athletes in achieving optimal physical performance but additionally they will also be useful outside of sports for example during a long drive. Afterwards, he will focus on some practical applications in order to counteract the effect(s) of mental fatigue.


U-residence - 1st floor
Brussels Humanities, Sciences & Engineering Campus
Pleinlaan 2
1050 Elsene