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MFYS Research Group

Human Physiology and Sports Physiotherapy

‘Exercise and the Brain in Health & Disease’

What are we all about?

The research group Human Physiology and Sports Physiotherapy (MFYS) conducts research in the domain 'Exercise and the Brain in Health & Disease'. We study the interaction of physical and cognitive effort on neurochemistry and physiology in both healthy people and patients. We conduct research from the most fundamental level to research that can lead to policy-making advice. In addition, we also provide education within the programmes "Physical Education and Movement Sciences" and "Rehabilitation Sciences and Physical Therapy" at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). As a third party service, MFYS founded the Brussels Laboratory for Excercise performance and TopSport (BLITS). Recreational athletes, elite athletes and (elite)sports clubs are welcome to come to BLITS for sports medical examinations and maximal exercise tests. BLITS is also specialized in medical screening for people who practice a specific profession such as the agents of the Civil Protection and various fire brigades. Another thrid party service MFYS provides, is ExoOO. Within ExoOO, we test commercially available exoskeletons on the workfloor of companies. For more information about ExoOO, please contact Prof. Dr. Kevin De Pauw

Interested in our projects?

Take a look!

The effect of mental fatigue on sport-specific psychomotor performance

Mental fatigue is a significant issue in daily life, with a major impact on both cognitive and physical performance.


Exoskeleton research in the picture

MFYS-Doctoral student Sander De Bock focuses on the interaction between industrial exoskeletons and humans.



Sunday 5 January from 9:00 to 21:00

After a successful first edition of the Brussels Universities Cyclocross, Golazo Sports will once again organise a cyclocross on Sunday 5 January on the...


International interdisciplinary symposium on citizens, science and air pollution

From Thursday 25 April at 7:00 to Saturday 27 April at 20:00

The first Etats Generaux de l'Air de Bruxelles is an event that combines a symposium, a hackathon and a day for the citizens.