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Moving wearable robots from the lab to industrial and medical applications

  • March 21, 2019

On 21 March Catherine Bidard, Sander De Bock (MFYS), Simona Crea, Kevin De Pauw (MFYS), Danijela Ristic Durrant, Shirley A. Elprama (imec-SMIT) and Jan Veneman worked together in an interactive workshop given at the European Robotics Forum 2019 in Bucharest.
This workshop started with testing exoskeletons in the lab and in the field. Later the focus changed to reaching the market with a wearable robot and ended with the acceptance of exoskeletons in the field.
The addition of Poll Everywhere in the powerpoint of the workshop created interaction with the audience, added an extra dimension and provided a platform to start interesting discussions afterwards.