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Professor Roelands receives prestigious Francqui mandate as research professor

  • August 23, 2022

As of 1 September, Professor Bart Roelands will hold the position of Francqui Research Professor for the upcoming 3 years. Obtaining this position allows Bart to have more resources at his disposal for his scientific research on Exercise and the Brain in Health & Disease.  

Professor Roelands investigates the interaction of physical and cognitive/mental exercise on neurochemistry, physiology and performance in healthy and patient populations. 

Due to the scope of this research area, he coordinates several research programmes and is involved in various applied research projects. Some examples are Fatigue and the brain (physical and mental fatigue), Disease and the brain (overtraining syndrome, sports injuries and injury prevention; gut microbiome), and The added value of human-centred robotics (exoskeletons and prostheses). 

The overall aim is to further develop these research lines by expanding the team and continuously seeking funding and local, national and international collaborations.