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Wearable Upper Body Exoskeleton for Workers (Exo4Work)

Principal investigators: 


Goal: The development of an innovative industrial exoskeleton for the upper body. MFYS focuses on giving feedback to the developers of the product. In addition, MFYS is responsible for evaluating this new technology in laboratory conditions.

Short summary: The ageing of the population and the need for acceptable ergonomic working conditions, emphasize the need for an innovative technology to reduce the physical burden on industrial workers. One of these solutions comes from the field of robotics. An industrial exoskeleton offers a possible solution and is a good example where man and machine work closely together.

Driven by the interest of many industrial companies, several producers of industrial exoskeletons have come onto the market in recent years. Most current exoskeletons are passive systems, in which the support of the worker is obtained by deforming elastic structures or suspension systems. However, each model has its own drawbacks, such as discomfort, volume, limited freedom of movement, etc. This project aims to develop an innovative industrial exoskeleton in the coming years.

MFYS forms a team of movement scientists together with the researchers at FABER-KUL. Prototypes are evaluated and feedback is provided to the engineering team. Eventually, the physical and mental strain of industrial work will be evaluated with this exoskeleton.

This project emphasizes the importance of the interaction between man and technology. Of course, this research will be approached cross disciplinary, ranging from mechanics and (neuro)physiology to biomechanics and motor control.

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